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    • New in our Book Shop

      New in our Book Shop

      MuMunting Tinig: Children’s Choral Pieces of Maria Christine Muyco and other Filipino Composers is a collection of choral pieces for children, from Filipino composers such as Maria Christine Muyco, Ramon Santos, Mary Katherine Trangco, Verne de la Peña, Marie Jocelyn Marfil, Jed Balsamo, Carlos Pizarro, and Alma Cabel Dytoc. It includes compositions commissioned by the …
    • Call for Papers

      Call for Papers

      The UP Center for Ethnomusicology invites scholars, thinkers and music practitioners to submit scientific papers or critical essays on the theme Music in Theater. MUSIKA JORNAL is a refereed scholarly periodical prepared by an Editorial Board comprised of faculty members and researchers from the College of Music, College of Arts and Letters and other units of …
    • Memorandum No. FRN 15-XXX

      Memorandum No. FRN 15-XXX

      Clarifications and Revisions on Guidelines for Public Access to Theses and Dissertations From: Fidel R. Nemenzo, D.Sc. Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development Date: 20 July 2015 Pursuant to provisions of applicable laws including the Technology Transfer Act of 2009, Article 7 of the Revised Intellectual Property Rights Policy of the University of the Philippines System …
From our Collection

The following tracks are short clips from published audio recordings which are available for room use in our Library. The CD Nostalgia in a Denuded Rainforest, is also available for purchase in our office. To know more, please Contact Us.

Forum neuer musik 2015: Jose Maceda Suling-Suling
From the CD: Atelier neuer musik : forum neuer musik 2015: Jose Maceda Suling-Suling / Jose Maceda
Dr. Jose Maceda’s composition titled “Suling-Suling”
Studierende und Musikschuler aus Wuppertal und Rostock Leitung: Christian Roderburg
Köln [Germany] : Deutschlandfunk Programmservice, 2015

“Suling-Suling (1984) — Jose Maceda. Ten Indonesian flutes with different tunings are treated as a unit spectrum with pitches becoming accessories rather than principal entities to the total picture consisting of two other sound colors–buzzers with short decays and gongs with long and short decays.” (Excerpt from “Evening Concerts of the University Composers Forum on Asian Traditional Music, program notes”)


Bulaklakan songs rendered by young girls from Baclayan
Track 19 from the CD: Nostalgia in a Denuded Rainforest : Iraya-Mangyan Music from Mindoro, Philippines
Recordings and annotations by Jonas Baes
Quezon City: College of Music, University of the Philippines, 1984

“The bulaklakan are actually metaphorical texts used in communicating secret messages by young messages by young couples who wished to elope. Aside from being sung, these texts are also uttered in jew’s harps (subing), by which these secret messages could be communicated more effectively, with the least suspicion from parents of the young couple”. (Excerpt from annotations of Dr. Jonas Baes in CD insert)


Track 14 from the CD: Hanunoo Music from the Philippines
Recorded by Harold C. Conklin
Washington DC: Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, c1955

“Daily food getting and other essential economic activities involve foot travel to and from swiddens, forests, streams, and neighboring settlements. Except during the rice and maize growing season when destructive environmental spirits might be attracted to the maturing crops — certain instruments are played while hiking. Young men often practice on their gitgit fiddles and women hikers of all ages carry sticks known as kalutang.” (Excerpt from Hanunoo Music from the Philippines cassette insert by Harold C. Conklin)


Featured Library Acquisitions (July 2015)

New titles in the UPCE library. Available for room use.

  • Mga Katutubong Awiting Pangasinan : Cancansion na Pangasinan / Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino
  • Tie a String Around the World : the Philippine Pavilion, Biennale Arte 2015 / Ed.: Patrick D. Flores
  • Forum Neuer Musik, 17-19 April 2015 / Deutschlandfunk
  • Forum Neuer Musik 2015 : Jose Maceda: Suling-Suling / Deutchlandradio

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Mga Katutubong Awiting Pangasinan

Tie a String Around the World : The Philippine Pavilion, Biennale Arte 2015

Forum Neuer Musik 17-19 April 2015

Forum Neuer Musik 2015 : Jose Maceda: Suling-Suling






Featured Publications

For orders, please feel free to visit us at the UP Center for Ethnomusicology office, or contact us via our Contact Us page.

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Ugnayan – Jose Maceda
Audio CD


Dictionary of Filipino Musical Terms


Laon-Laon : perspectives in transmission and pedagogy of musical traditions in post-colonial Southeast Asia


Musika Jornal 9: Gongs and Bamboo: selected papers from the First International Gongs and Bamboo Music Festival