A Search in Asia for a New Theory of Music

009_A_Search_in_AsiaAuthor: Edited by José S. Buenconsejo
Publisher: Quezon City : University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology, c2003.
Format: Book
Price: PhP 540.00 (On Sale PhP 500.00 or USD 12.50)

A search in Asia for a new theory of music : a symposium organized by The University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology at the 7th International Conference of the Asia Pacific Society for Ethnomusicology (APSE), held at the Conference Hall, INNOTECH; Abelardo Hall Auditorium, University of the Philippines ; [and] Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, Cultural Center of the Philippines, February 17-23, 2002.


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