Kulintang and Kudyapiq: Gong Ensemble and Two-string Lute among the Magindanaon in Mindanao, Philippines

Untitled-1Author: Department of Music Research, UP College of Music
Publisher: Quezon City, Philippines : Department of Music Research, UP College of Music, 1988
Format: LP (2 sound discs : analog, 33 1/3 rpm, stereo. ; 12 in.)
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Complete ensemble ; Agung, kulintang, debakan ; Gandingan, kulintang, debakan ; Kulintang a tamlang (all bamboo instruments) ; Music for a cure of the sick (bpagipat) (Kulintang Ensemble) —
Kudyapiq solo by Samaon Sulayman. In the Binalig tuning ; In the Dinaladay tuning —
Kulintang solo by Amal Lumuntod —
Kulintang solo by Amal Lumuntod.

Dubbings were made at the Philippine Information Agency and the Pedero Music Recording Studios.
Project Coordinators: José Buenconsejo, Benecio Sokkong
Project Consultants: Corazon Dioquino, Chino Toledo, Marialita Yraola, Manuel Gonzales Jr., Delia Magaña
Logo Design and Illustrations: Gerry Duran
Field Recordings: José Maceda, Vic de Leon
Annotations: (see inside pocket) and Photos: José Maceda