Laon-Laon : perspectives in transmission and pedagogy of musical traditions in post-colonial Southeast Asia

Alaon-laonuthor: Ramon Pagayon Santos
Publisher: Manila : UST Publishing House, c2012.
Format: Book
Price: PhP 350.00 or USD 11.00

Laon-Laon is a compilation of studies and observations on the transformative states of transmission of traditional artistic practices in the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. By studying acculturative issues, especially in the context of colonization and globalization, a wide ontology of confluences and agencies converge under three major factors by which musical traditions and their expressive and cultural properties could be either undermined, eroded, or dramatically altered or preserved and developed for future generations through creative negotiation and exploration. Thus, the book focuses on three basic contributors to the element of change and continuity in the realm of music transmission: the human resources, the institutional agency, and the social envorinment. The book further attempts to expand the epistemic compass by which musical cultures of Asia have been viewed and investigated through ethnomusicology, which does not fully address the issue of transmission from a composite viewpoint involving aspects of ethnology, history, sociology, education, and systematic musicology.

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