Mumunting Tinig: Children’s Choral Pieces of Maria Christine Muyco and other Filipino Composers

MuMuntingTinigAuthor: Maria Christine Muyco, Ramon Santos, Mary Katherine Trangco, Verne de la Peña, Marie Jocelyn Marfil, Jed Balsamo, Carlos Pizarro, Alma Cabel Dytoc
Publisher: Maria Christine Muyco, with the support of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts
Format: Book
Price: PhP 500.00 or USD 12.50

Through its variety of styles as articulated by different composers, this book provides children’s choirs in the Philippines and abroad a broad range of experiences in musical and vocal styles. Moreover, the pieces promote the Filipino culture as these feature Filipino works as well as themes that reflect the culture, nature, and life of the islands and its people. Although many of the pieces here are challenging, we encourage conductors, singers, educators, and everyone who comes into contact with this book to open and broaden their worlds by learning and performing these works. These pieces present different approaches toward creative interpretation, expression and musical excellence.- excerpt from the Introduction by Maria Christine Muyco

MuMunting Tinig includes compositions compositions commissioned by the National Competitions for Young Artists in the Philippines Foundation, Inc. (NAMCYA). The organization uses these compositions for competitions that it organizes for young musicians. NAMCYA, through the leadership of Renato Lucas and Luz Corazon Roque, allowed the commissioned work of Verne de la Peña and Ramon Santos to be included here. In the same light, the Bamboo Organ Foundation, Inc., as represented by Msgr. Mario Martinez, has allowed the piece it commissioned Jed Balsamo to write, to be included in this volume.  – excerpt from the Acknowledgement

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