Musika Jornal 4

mj4 2008-1 copyAuthor: University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology
Publisher: Quezon City : Center for Ethnomusicology, University of the Philippines, 2008
Format: Periodical
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When Musika Jornal was first published in 1977, its aim was to provide a forum for the discussion of traditional musics in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, as well as the new music of contemporary composers from this geographic area. This and two subsequent issues, the last dated 1979, were the result of the iitiative spearheaded by Dr. Jose Maceda, the Chair of the Department of Music Research of the University of the Philippines. A hiatus from 1989 to 2006 transpired due to funding problems as well as the reorganization and priority shift in the direction of the department. In 2004, Dr. Jose Maceda passed away, and the task of reviving the publication has fallen to the University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology, under the current leadership of Dr. Ramon P. Santos.This fourth attempts to re-establish Musika Jornal as a channel for the discussion and exchange of ideas between musicians and music scholars from the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region.The issue is divided into three parts. The first consists of essays. The second part is an extended report of proceedings of the “Symposium on Theories of Performance in the Musics of Asia”. The final section is a set of three reviews.


Ethnomusicology in the Art of Composition, Tradition and Modernity and the Musics of Asia / Ramon P. Santos
Conforming the Balance : Conservation and Innovation in the Kankana-ey Bayyog and Day-eng / Verne dela Peña
Awit, Pandango, Kumintang : Encounters Between Scholarship and the Field / Elena Rivera Mirano
Calenda, Suroy, Altares. Bolibongkingking, et. al : The Hispanic Musical Traditions of Loboc, Bohol / Ma. Alexandra Iñigo Chua

Symposium on Theories of Performance in the Musics of Asia / Ramon P. Santos
Symposium Papers:
Here and There : On Musical Exploration Through Understanding and Interpreting the World of Music / Inwansyah Harahap
Vocal Music in Thai Classical Music / Kanchana Intarasunanont
Lam Klon Singing in Northeast Thailand / Supunnee Leauboonshoo
The Saw Vocal Music of Northern Thailand / Prasit Leosiripong
Explosion of Okinawa Entertainment / Noboru Uechi
Understanding Malay Music Through the Performance of the Malay-Lute (Gambus) / Larry Francis Hilarian

PART III (Reviews)
Bamboo, Bronze Drums and Gongs : a Musical Exchange in Maritime Asia (A Review of Gongs & Bamboos by Jose Maceda) / Arsenio Nicolas
A Review of Lawak Rondalya : Commemorative CD Album of Cuerdas Nin Kagabsan (produced by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts) / Arwin Tan
Musika at Kamalayan sa Panahon ng Pananakop (A Review of Kolonyal na Patakaran at ang Nagbabagong Kamalayang Pilipino by Raul Navarro) / Ramon P. Santos

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