Musika Jornal 5 : Music Transmission

mj5 2009-1 copyAuthor: University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology
Publisher: Quezon City : Center for Ethnomusicology, University of the Philippines, 2009
Format: Periodical
Price: PhP 300.00 (On Sale PhP 250.00 or USD 10.00)

This issue brings together five articles that deal with multiple facets of musical transmission. Looking back at the first incarnation of the Musika Jornal, it is remarkable to note how the publication’s mission as articulated by its founder and pioneering Filipino ethnomusicologist, Dr. Jose Maceda, has been pursued by today’s crop of Philippine music scholars. The present volume continues Dr. Maceda’s equal concern for musical ethnography, historiogralhy and contemporary issues in Philippine and Southeast Asian music. This legacy may very well be considered a type of musical transmission.

Contents:Reliving the Music in the Journeys of Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buenviaje : Aspects and Impressions of Antipolo Baroque to Twentieth Century Manila / Ma. Patricia Brillantes-Silvestre
Gendering the Philippine Brass Band : Women of the Ligaya Band and National University Band, 1920s-1930s / Mary Talusan
Pagsasalin ng Tradition sa Musikang Kabihug / Marialita Tamanio-Yraola
Gendering Rhythm in Binanog : Panay Bukidnon’s Categories of Sound and Motion / Maria Christine Muyco
Transmission, Pedagogy, and Education : a Critical Study of Asian Traditional Music Cultures in Post-Colonial and Post-Modern Times in Thailand and Indonesia / Ramon P. Santos

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