Musika Jornal 6 : Music in Media

MJ6001Author: University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology
Publisher: Quezon City : Center for Ethnomusicology, University of the Philippines, 2010
Format: Periodical
Price: PhP 300.00 (On Sale PhP 250.00 or USD 10.00)

This issue courts the distinction of crossing disciplines and cultural or social divides, some modern media facilitating – to varying valuations. What was first thought as intermedia theme came out with broader implications and perspectives, between production, participation and reception in various models of expression and contexts.

Contents:The Philippine Videoke Phenomenon : Culture, Aesthetics and Technology in Today’s Globalized Community / Stephen Q. Lagarde
Now You See Them, No You Don’t, Now You See Them Again : Sandwich, and Their Odyssey from the Majors, To Indie, and Back to the Majors / Robin Daniel Z. Rivera
On the Orders of Terror : Notes on Sound, Music and the Philippine Horror Film / Jonas Baes
Panay Creation Myth as World Picture in [the Alunsina Network] : a Dramaturgical Exposition / Melé Yamomo
From teh Original to the Stage Transcreating Indigenous Expressions for Show / Steven Patrick C. Fernandez
Community Music in Singapore as a Practical Necessity for Musc-Making and Social Integrration / Larry Francis Hilarian
Writing Voices, Reading Voices / Marialita Tamanio-Yraola
Dayon : a Commemorative Album of Cuerdas sa Panaghuisa : the Second International Rondalla Festival / Jocelyn Timbol-Guadalupe

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