Musika Jornal 8 : Music of Plucked Strings

MJ8thumbAuthor: University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology
Publisher: Quezon City : Center for Ethnomusicology, University of the Philippines, 2012
Format: Periodical
Price: PhP 550.00 or USD 15.00

A mere start to look into the world of plucked strings, starting with rondalla, from different points of view: from history, practice, archaeology, pedagogy, and taxonomy, short of a more thorough discussion of the music, the theoretical constructs, as well as the musical languages that each cultural tradition has created. -excerpt from the editorial

Contents:Boat lutes in the Visayas and Luzon: traces of a lost tradition / Hans Brandeis
Strings of pride : the conservation and transmission of Dauin’s rondalla tradition / Rolando V. Mascuñana, Enrique G. Oracion and Malcolm C. Hiponoa
Rondalla down under : a contemporary resurgence in Australasia / Kim Rockel
Ang Kasaysayan ng Domra sa Rusya / Inessa Gareeva; translated from Russian by Prof. Herman Bognot
Traditional chordophones of the Ifugao : a look into the potentials of archaeomusicological studies in the Philippines / Fredeliza Z. Campos
Celso Espejo : Philippine rondalla master / Jocelyn Timbol-Guadalupe
Proposal for a conceptual organization of nineteenth century plucked string instruments in Brazil / Adriana Olinto Ballesté

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