Nostalgia in a denuded rainforest : Iraya-Mangyan music from Mindoro, Philippines

mangyanAuthor: Jonas Baes
Publisher: [Philippines] : National Commission for Culture and the Arts : Tunugan Foundation, [2002].
Format: CD
Price: PhP 500.00 or USD 12.50


Balawang-paikutan (Iraya-Mangyan planting pole)
Igway by Ana Banaag
Igway by Anghel Anias
Igway by Macaria Carimun
Igway by Rosario Anias
Igway by Juana Edmedio
Christian hymn and speech banning the marayaw ritual
Marayaw text spoken by Anghel Anias
Marayaw invoking the spirit of Rumaymayon Bukinggan
Marayaw that entertain spirits to play games on a wooden swing
Marayaw invoking the spirit of Solap sa Kaltipayan
Iraya-Mangyan rendition of “It came upon a midnight clear”
Saturday night Bible study at the house of Anghel Anias
Pamuybuyen legend, Pinagkulugan
Pamuybuyen legend, T’alsawa Alitawu
Repa tune played on a bangsi flute
“Pakaw didu” (sunata) played on a subing jew’s harp
Tagalog poem, “Ang magandang araw”
Bulaklakan songs rendered by young girls from Baclayan
Bukaklakan played on jew’s harps by boys from Baclayan
Lullabye (ambulung) from the Tadyawan-Mangyan
Lullabye (yai-yan/banggi) from the Alangan-Mangyan
Lullabye (igway) from the Iraya-Mangyan.

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