The Center with its Archives is located in Rooms 218 and 220 of the U.P. Abelardo Hall. Apart from the Library and Audio Laboratory holdings, The archive houses an array of media such as published and unpublished texts, images, and scores.

Unpublished Texts

DSC07086There are two general types of unpublished texts; first are fieldnotes, reports, transcription and translations from Maceda’s field research. These materials are in 421 containers and contain “fieldnotes”. The second type of unpublished text contains articles, annotated bibliographies and reports by various researchers, including but not limited to Jose Maceda. These materials are in more than 800 containers collectively referred to as the Vertical Files Collection.


upce-p-1545There are four types of images stored in the UPCE collection. These are black and white photographs, colored photographs, colored slides, and negatives. Based on content the images can be categorized as: (1) images from the field, which are usually related to the survey of Philippine music research; (2) images from institutions, which include documentary photographs of conferences, concerts/recitals, socials and administrative activities; and (3) catalogue photographs, which aims to scientifically document instruments in the UPCE collection.


Full scores and part scores of all 23 Dr. Jose Maceda’s compositions are deposited in the UPCE collection. They are all on their original handwritten format, some of which have multiple copies in different formats (i.e. photocopy, blueprint, etc). As of 2014, included in our scores collection is Dr. Ramon Santos’ scores collection, which include more about 400 envelopes of his compositions and arrangements.