Audio Laboratory

The Audio Laboratory of the UPCE serves a dual-purpose as a repository for audio and audio-visual materials, and as a processing laboratory for the Center’s digitization projects.

Audio Collection

CIMG3049The UPCE’s audio collection is divided into two categories: published and unpublished. In the unpublished audio collection, there are 2,424 open reels, 191 cassettes and about 20 in digital audio formats containing flied recordings of traditional music from about 87 ethnolinguistic groups in the Philippines, Asia and a small number from other continents. It is considered the heart of the UPCE collection because of its rarity and historical and cultural values.

The published audio collection is comprised of 610 vinyl, 500 cassette tapes and 332 compact disks. This particular collection covers a wider range of music samples covering almost 29 countries all over the world, some of which are art music and others are traditional music.

Video Collection

373 video recordings on five different formats are also found in the UPCE collection. There are also films on reel stored in unlabelled canisters, reported to be containing documentations of Dr. Jose Maceda’s performances.

Published videos on VHS, DVD and CD are available and in good condition, catalogued and are available for researchers. On this format are documentaries about traditional music and dance, instructional videos, and documentations of recitals, performances, concerts and/or conferences and symposia.

Audio/Video Digitization

DSC07106In 2007, the UPCE team explored possible procedures for the digitization of its audio collection, and was regularized in 2009. The digitization team soon after prepared for the digital data management by preparing a catalogue that is accessible online and a system for storing the digital data. As of December 2014,  the Jose Maceda Collection in digital format is already searchable online and accessible for reading, viewing and listening at the UPCE Library.

Aside from the digitization of materials in the UPCE, the Audio Laboratory is also open for digitization services from other persons and institutions for a limited fee. Please note that this service is limited to the availability of equipment, facilities, training, time, and other resources. For digitization of collections of larger volumes, legal documents and other requirements may  be needed. For more information about this service, please contact us.