Image021The UPCE library is located at Room 218 of the main building of the UP College of Music, Abelardo Hall, UP Diliman Campus. The main holdings is comprised of books, serials, theses, dissertations, published scores, published audio and audio-visual materials, news clippings, and academic articles. Subject areas of the collection are music, philosophy, religion, history, anthropology, linguistics, mathematics, and literature in which the majority of the collection are written in various languages such as Filipino, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai, Malay, Burmese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, and English.

Facilities and Services
  • Image022Card catalogues – the UPCE library maintains the use of card catalogues (title-author and subject catalogs, and article indexes) for users who are inclined to using them.
  • iLib integration – in conjunction with the card catalogues, all library holdings are integrated in the University’s iLib
  • Accession lists and shelf lists – the library also maintains offline databases of the library holdings which are arranged by accession number and call number
  • Baggage counter – library clients are required to leave their belongings in the baggage counter before entering the reading area
  • Reading area – for easy access, library clients are free to use the reading area
  • Access station – although the Digital Access Station (DAS) is primarily reserved for the use of archive clients, library clients are also free to use it for browsing iLib and for listening or viewing the library’s audio and audio-visual collection
  • Photocopy – following the provisions for free use in the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (RA 8293), published print materials are available for photocopying, unless otherwise stated on the material itself
  • Reference service/reference interview – the librarian may conduct a reference interview to determine the information needs of the client and to be able to suggest additional information resources which the client may not be previously aware of; the librarian may also refer the client to other libraries or holdings from which the client may find a material that does not currently belong to the UPCE collection