Featured Playlist for September 2016

The following tracks are short clips from published audio and video recordings which are available for room use in our Library. To know more, please Contact Us.

Daluy 1
Track 1 From the CD: Soundstreams
Philippines © 1999

“The five movements that make up Baes’ Daluy, i.e. flow (1994) are intended to be played separately after every musical piece in the program, stringing together these pieces into one, integrated whole. Daluy 1 features loud stamps on bamboo tubes punctuated by loud calls.” (Excerpt from Soundstreams CD insert)

Track 1 from the CD: Gongs and Bamboos
New York, NY © 2001

“In this work 100 performers, each playing on separate bamboo musical instruments (whistle-flute, clapper, buzzer, scraper and sticks), produce complex sounds placed in opposition to two kinds of vocal sound waves: a mixed group of 100 voices utter high and low pitches in dense and thin combinations while 5 male vocal quintets chant, half-sing and half-mumble disjointed phonemes.” (Excerpt from Gongs and Bamboo CD insert)

From the materials used for Listen To My Music exhibit

“Written for 36 voices and various Asian instruments, the piece is based on the divergent concepts of pneuma – from the Greek and Judeo-Christian “elemental breath” and “spirit” to the neumes of Medieval western music. The composition is structured on the basis of the Eastern yin-yang principle and acoustical wave formation.  Written in 1983.” (Excerpt from the souvenir program of Ugnayan)

From the CD: Composite: Environment in Performance
A Project by Dayang Yraola and Tetsuya Umeda
Quezon City, Philippines © 2015

“This composition of Philippine National Artist for Music, Ramon Santos, is a massive sonic piece that feature different gongs of the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia, to celebrate the richness of the ASEAN cultures.” (Excerpt from the Composite CD insert)

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